September 7, 2018 · personal ·

No time like the present

Every year, when the time comes to make a birthday wish list, I have no idea what I want. My approach when I discover something I like is to either buy it right away or consider it for a few days but ultimately decide that I do not need it or that it is too expensive. A smart man would write it down, but I keep thinking to myself, "Christian, you'll remember this when your birthday or Christmas comes around." And then promptly forget about it.

The same goes for writing. Ideas pop in my head and I often write a paragraph about it somewhere and convince myself that I will revisit the subject later. In the rare cases when inspiration does strike, I end up procrastinating over this blog, resulting in the complete reinstall of The Latest Blog System™. I focus on the technical aspect of publishing my writing rather than the actual content. The previous iteration of this site, such as it were, was based on Jekyll, a static site generator. Not because of the feature set but because it was fast and efficient. All I needed was a couple of really good articles and a ton of visitors for that to become even remotely relevant.

This time around, I was inspired by the release of Ghost 2.0 and decided instead to focus on my experience when writing. Ghost has, in my opinion, the best web-based editor, and having a place to put down ideas as they occur might help kickstart my writing process. It also helps that the setup of Ghost, from spinning up a VPS instance to writing this, took about 30 minutes in total, forcing me to spend time actually writing.

My colleague Mads Hartmann said that he was happy if he managed one article per month on average, and I think I will be very happy with that as well. So that is my non-new years goal, to write ~1 article every month. Until next time.